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Learn how to care for your knees and improve their strength and flexibility in my workshop! 

🦵The workshop looks at the anatomy of the knee, explores the essential supporting muscles, and gives advice on how to master safe and effective exercises to strengthen and stretch.

👩‍🏫 Amanda will guide you through techniques you can easily practice at home, offering tips and stretches tailored to enhance joint support. 

🏥 Amanda is not medically trained. As a fitness professional, she addresses as many issues as possible within her scope of practice. 

The workshop is 1hr and 10 mins and accompanied by a PDF you can download for reference. 

Always consult a medical professional before taking part in exercise.

Customer review:

” Very interesting, I’ve got quite a bit of oedema at the back of my knee which prevents me from flexing it fully, which affects my quad stretches, so that was helpful, learning different ways to do that. 

Plus I am going to get a yoga ball for sitting back, to assist with child’s pose. And good tip about the towel… I will keep one handy! “

Welcome to our 12-day Fitness Pilates Programme designed for at-home enthusiasts and beginners! All you need is 5 minutes a day!

Over the course of 12 days, Amanda will guide you through 10 fundamental Fitness Pilates moves, ensuring a comprehensive breakdown of techniques to enhance safety and effectiveness

Everyone has to start somewhere. Exercise can be a daunting prospect if you haven’t done anything before, or have been out of action for a while. Maybe you suffer with anxiety or feel self-conscious, and attending a group feels too much right now.

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